Please review and follow the rules below:

 We try to not have too many of them, and we thank you for reading our policies. We hope you will love every minute of your stay at the Storm Shack, and know how much we appreciate having you as our guest. We welcome and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns or correct problems — we want your stay to be great. If there’s anything we can do to improve our odds of achieving greatness, we hope you will let us know. 979-481-4550 Chance Stone

Parties, Events, and Gatherings:

We are a small establishment. Please do not come here to party. Guests who disturb other guests will be asked to leave and will not be provided a refund. Thinking of inviting some friends over? Please check with us first! Due to the intimate nature of our property, private events that include guests not staying at the property require approval. A separate events agreement and additional fees may apply. No parties, group gatherings, company meetings, etc. may be held without prior approval, and may forfeit your reservation without refund. You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you and/or those that accompany you (whether they are staying in the hotel or not) cause to the property.

Room Damage / Missing Items / Excessive Cleaning:
Please report any incidents that may occur.  While we do not normally charge for minor accidental breakages, we will charge the full cost of all other damages and/or missing items plus $50/hr labor fees to return the property to its original state. This includes missing /damaged remotes, bedding, towels, TVs, coolers, appliances, fixtures, furniture, doors, lights, mirrors, etc.  Rooms, areas, or items left extremely dirty during a stay will result in an added cleaning fee.  This includes soiled bedding, towels, floors, furnishings, and decor caused by, but not limited to vomit, food and drink stains, blood, and bed wetting.  


All guest rooms and enclosed areas including the covered barn are 100% non-smoking. NO EXCEPTIONS! There are designated smoking areas with waste receptacles. A $250 cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates the smoking policy.

Please keep noise levels to a minimum to preserve a relaxing environment for other guests.

NO PETS are allowed, with the exception of service animals in specified rooms only. Notification prior to arrival must be given and a health certificate obtained from a veterinarian within 10 days of arrival must be presented at check-in. $50/day cleaning fee will be charged.


There will be no Life Guard on duty.  Swim at your own risk! We cannot accept any liability. No glass bottles in pool area. Please follow pool rules signs.

If you use the kitchen, please wash all dishes.  Remove your food and items from the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry when checking out. In other words, please leave it the way you found it.


 For multiple-day stays, we will only refresh towels & toiletries upon request. 


All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. Should a problem occur with a vehicle in the hotel car parking area, the hotel cannot accept any liability. If a vehicle is left in the hotel car parking area for more than 8 hours after the guest has departed, without the written consent of the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to remove the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

Non-hosted Facility:

Storm Shack management and staff are on site randomly to tend to your needs. A number will be provided for you to call should you need assistance at any hour, day or night. 979-481-4550 Chance.

Forms of payment:  

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover.  


For the safety of our property, staff, and visitors, the Storm Shack employs camera surveillance equipment for security purposes. This equipment may or may not be monitored at any time. Surveillance cameras will generally be utilized only in public areas where there is no “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Public areas may include building entrances, parking lots, and common areas where employees and guest come and go; barn area; and supply rooms. 

Surveillance cameras will not be installed in “private” areas such as restrooms, pool, and changing areas.

Respect, Courtesy, and Dignity are the standards by which patrons will be served at our place.  Unfortunately, there are a few who do not treat our staff or property in a similar manner, and for those we need these regulations. We are a small family-run business and have created a space to be enjoyed and respected.  We will do our best to serve you, please return the courtesy.